Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Choreographed by:Margaret Koay, Malaysia (Apr 10)
Music:Ai Shen De Jian by Unknown
Descriptions:32 count - 4 wall - Beginner level line dance

Intro: 16 counts
Any Off Beat Cha-Cha Tempo
Kick Forward, Cross, Back, Back, Kick, Back Rock, Forward
1-4LF Kick Forward, L Cross over R, R Step Back L Step Back
5-8RF Kick Forward, R Step Back, L Recover, R Step Forward
¼ Turn Left, Point, ¼ Turn Right, Point, Cross Cha Cha, Kick Forward
1-4LF ¼ turn L, R Point to side, R ¼ turn Right, L Point [12:00]
5-8LF Cross over Right, R Step to R side, L Cross over Right, R Kick
Cross Cha Cha, Kick, Jazz Box, ¼ Turn Left, Hitch
1-4RF Cross over Left, L Step to L side, R Cros s over Left, L Kick
5-8LF Cross over right, R Step back, L ¼ turn L, R Hitch [9:00]
Cross, ¼ Turn Right, ¼ Turn Right, Forward, Hitch, Back, Back Rock
1-4RF Cross over Left, L ¼ turn R, R ¼ turn Right to side, L Forward
5-8RF Hitch, R Step Back, L Rock Back, R Recover [3:00]
Start Again. No Tag and No Restart. Happy Dancing!!!


Choreographed by:Margaret Koay (May 09)
Music:Anata by
Descriptions:32 count - 4 wall - Beginner level line dance

Intro: 16+4 counts from the first beat.
Cross Rock, Side Cha-Cha, Back Rock, Side Cha-Cha
1-2Cross left over right, recover on right,
3&4Step L to side, close R beside L, step L to side
5-6Step right behind left, recover on left
7&8Step R to side, close L beside R, step R to side
Forward Rock, Back Cha-Cha, Back Rock, Forward Cha-Cha
1-2Rock left foot forward, recover on right
3&4Cha-cha backward stepping on L-R-L
5-6Rock right foot back, recover on left
7&8Cha-cha forward stepping on R-L-R
Pivot ½ Turn R, Cha-Cha ½ Turn R, Side Cha-Cha, Back Rock
1-2Step forward on left, pivot ½ turn right [6:00]
3&4Cha-cha ½ turn R stepping back on L-R-L [12:00]
5&6Step R to side, close L beside R, step R to side
7-8Step left behind right, recover on right
Cha-Cha ¼ R, Back Coaster, Forward Rock, Back Rock
1&2Cha-cha ¼ turn R, stepping back on L-R-L [3:00]
3&4Step right back, step left together, step right forward
5-6Rock forward on left, recover on right
7-8Rock left back, recover on right
TAG: AFTER wall 10, (facing 6:00 o'clock), ADD in the 4 count tag, then restart.
1-4Step left to side and sway hips to L-R-L-R
Start again and Happy Dancing!

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